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SHDF applicants – don’t stop now


[5 January 2023] With the SHDF bid submission behind you, and after a well-earned break, it's important to keep your foot on the gas. We've launch a brand new series of workshops to help you keep your foot on the accelerator and get ready to retrofit. 


    The SHDF guidance allows you to start delivering your retrofit project at risk and reclaim reasonable spend incurred between the launch of the SHDF Wave 2.1 competition and confirmation of grant agreement.

    Spending on eligible activity can be claimed as match funding (for successful bids) from the beginning of the bid window. While this is at risk to some extent many housing providers will be looking to retrofit at some point, and so efforts now should not be in vein.

    To help you find out how you can minimise your risk and maximise your preparedness to deliver, the SHRA team is hosting a new collection of post-bid workshops. Follow the links below to find out more and register.

    Delivering at risk

    Our delivering at risk workshop will help you identify where you can concentrate activity to drive your project forward, minimizing unnecessary or spend at risk, and helping you deliver at pace once in receipt of the Grant Offer Letter (GOL).

    24 January | 30 January

    Senior level buy-in

    Leadership buy-in of your project is key to its success, ensuring you have a project sponsor that is engaged and on board to support you and help un-block any issues will make life easier longer term. Attend our workshop to discuss what you can do to ensure you maintain the support and focus of your Project Sponsor.

    25 January | 31 January


    You've secured senior leadership support for the project – now what is the governance structure for your project? This workshop will help you identify what you can put processes in place to ease delivery over the project lifetime.

    26 January | 6 February | 13 February

    Consortium governance

    Being part of a consortium means working with other consortia members to ensure overall success. There's a lot to put in place to make things work well, from understanding the overarching structure, reporting cycles, project changes and performance. This workshop will allow you to share experiences and practical solutions to improve your project delivery.

    27 January | 7 February | 14 February

    Data assessment

    Accurate data is the fundamental to the success of your retrofit project. This workshop will answer you key questions and help you get to grip with the data needs for successful retrofits.

    1 February | 15 February | 28 February


    PAS2035 has added another layer of complexity to managing retrofit projects. The PAS is in place to improve quality assurance and help you get your retrofit projects right first time. Join this workshop to learn from others and share your experience of managing projects through the PAS2035 pathways.

    22 February | 7 March

    Design and planning requirements

    Some buildings are more challenging to retrofit than others, and where we have traditional construction, system build or multiple interventions, this requires careful design to ensure we do not run into unintended consequences associated with our proposals. Sharpen your knowledge and understanding by joining this expert-led workshop.

    8 February | 14 March


    How is your procurement progressing? Are there any potential delays? Do you need to wait to hear if you are successful before you can start the process? What information can you prepare in advance of the tender closing? In this workshop we’ll discuss procurement and contract management preparedness.

    2 February | 2 March

    Resident engagement

    There are so many different people, and so many different ways we can get them on board, and keep them on board to help us deliver against our objectives. Join the conversation and hear how others have succeeded.

    9 February | 8 March

    Resident engagement during installation

    How will you manage residents when the works are taking place? Have you set up your reporting and 

    Join this opportunity to discuss how we can keep our residents engaged and happy through the works period, as well as getting the most from the handover and monitoring process.

    9 March

    Delivery planning

    You've chosen your properties and scoped out when they'll be delivered and now it’s over to the contractor to programme the works? Well to a point; how can you keep your project on track, and what happens if changes are needed, particularly when properties need to be swapped out? How will you keep your residents informed? Join us for a conversation on how we can manage these changes and keep on track with our delivery objectives.

    17 February | 15 March

    Monitoring and evaluation

    Monitoring and Evaluation is a critical part of the SHDF programme. the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero will be keen to know how you are progressing with your delivery and whether you are on track with what you said you’d do.

    Demonstrating you are successfully meeting your targets will mean accessing and providing a lot of data. It’s helpful to understand this a bit better upfront to set up systems to help you, or at least understand the requirements better. In this workshop we’ll consider ways that you can prepare for your reporting cycles.

    24 February | 16 March

    The full schedule of webinars is always available on the resources section of the website.

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