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Resources to boost your SHDF bid.

Access a wealth of information and expert advice through the SHRA’s comprehensive collection of on-demand masterclasses and insightful online events. We’re adding new content all the time so check back regularly for the latest updates.

Appartments Masterclasses
Introduction to the SHDF Wave 2.2 | SHRA Webinar

Click on the link to complete the SHRA Self-Assessment:

Successfully Managing a Consortium | SHRA Masterclass

This masterclass will review the issues and challenges that can arise when working as part of a consortium, before outlining the tools and techniques needed to ensure smooth delivery.

Engaging Tenants with Heating Technology | SHRA Masterclass

This masterclass will look at best practices to ensure residents understand how to use any new heating technology installations.

A Complete Beginner's Guide to Heating Social Homes | SHRA Masterclass

Installing and maintaining efficient heating systems is a key consideration of a whole-house retrofit approach. This masterclass - presented by Claire Brown (PhD Researcher, University of Manchester) - will introduce you to the basics of heating social homes.

Driving culture change within a smaller housing association | SHRA Masterclass

Helen Ball from Broadacres Housing Association reflects on how she was able to introduce a carbon literature culture into the day-to-day operations of her organisation.

Integrating Retrofit with Competing Priorities | SHRA Masterclass

This masterclass will show how you can integrate projects with existing planned maintenance programmes to achieve more than you would with siloed work packages.

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